Monday, June 28, 2010

lou + you

my etsy shop is up and running.

it is a little scary putting my creations out there for others to see. i hope the effort is worth the while. i have many more ideas of things i would like to add.. but i'm not getting ahead of myself.

if you know anyone with young kiddoes... or maybe looking for some custom artwork... holla atcha girl.


being a stay-at-home momma is such a blessing. i wish i could do it all year. i am so happy that i am able to watch noah grow and learn new things.

as of 5 months (technically 3.5...) he can roll over, almost sit up on his own, stand for really really really long periods of time, stand up holding on to something, smile, laugh, + "talk" by copying me or daddy.

He makes my heart gush + my cheeks hurt from smiling.
my love for him is truly endless.

and his hair is starting to turn brown too.

i win :)

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